Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Fall Of The Indebted Western World
"We are most likely going to see a new monetary system where the dollar will no longer be the reserve currency. That will probably become some form of a basket. This is the collapse of the West just as Communism collapsed and altered the course of China and Russia. Therefore, we are looking at the shift of the financial capitol of the world from the West to the East dominated in India/China. As we can see, the financial Capitol of the World always migrates. After Rome and the fall of Byzantium, the capital moved to India. It then moved to China. When Christopher Columbus set sail, he was trying to get to India because that was where all the money was ... The other side of a Phase Transition will be the fall of the West. That is just how things evolve. We are plagued with politicians who are incapable of making any changes to save the country because they are too busy grabbing the free soap in the hotel room."
- Martin Armstrong
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