Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Democracy Spring Movement Is Being
Portrayed As Protest Against Money In Politics,
Reality: Something Bigger Is Going On
The Daily Bell highlights the Democracy Spring movement .. "The anger manifest in the current political season is being used by elite money-men to forge a new protest coalition that is extensive and international .. Ironically, they are using the current polarization of U.S. politics to build this bigger movement. Meanwhile, U.S. citizens swept up by the current election are once again losing sight of the reality of American politics: They don’t work properly and don’t yield beneficial results .. The U.S. is on the verge of bankruptcy. Not long ago, a Citicorp executive called the U.S. economy a 'death spiral.' The issues are deep and intractable and will not be healed through elections, even presidential ones .. This is the reality of the current US elections. It may seem to be a cogent expression of civilian anger expressed in populist terms. But it is opening a window to the very trends and movements that such populism rejects .. If you are looking to the U.S. political process to resuscitate civil society and a measure of prosperity, you are likely looking in the wrong place. The vast, formal mechanisms of federal elections will rarely yield anything positive except by accident."
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