Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sprott's Rick Rule:
There Will Be Huge Surprises 
In The Silver Market
"My experience is that the silver market outperforms the gold market but it’s delayed. The silver equities have performed alongside the gold equities. Precious metals equities have really acted as a class .. But one would expect in a bull market, when a bull market gets underway in earnest, that the silver equities will outperform the gold equities because silver will outperform gold. And also because the silver equities as a class are a much smaller group of companies. There are fewer names to throw money into than there are gold. Understand that this is a highly volatile, highly risky game. And those listeners of yours who want to participate in the volatility of the silver market had better do it working very hard to select the right names. And they also must prepare themselves for volatility, which will be extreme, and I guarantee you will scare the hell out of them from time to time." .. 10 minutes podcast
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