Friday, April 08, 2016

Richard Duncan On
Analyzing The Central Banks
The Central Banks have become the most powerful players in the global economy in recent years .. This video discusses the world’s five largest central banks (The PBOC, The Fed, The BOJ, The ECB & The BOE): 1. What they are doing; 2. What impact they are having; 3. What they are likely to do next; 4. How that could affect the financial markets. It was published in Q4 2014. No password is required. Just click and watch .. 32 minutes
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Anonymous said...

Negative interest rates are plain stupid. There is no incentive to save. Without saving there can be no investment and so no long term growth.

Further when actuaries costed various financial vehicles say 10 years ago they would never have imagined rates could get so low net alone negative. Financial organizations such as life insurance companies will be very hard pressed to survive with their long term products so mis-priced. The same is true for defined benefit pension plans.

Consider,for example, the Ontario workers compensation system. When liabilities and premium rates were established some 10 or 20 years ago did anyone ever imagine that some accidents of those years would create long term disability payments to be valued at negative interest rates ! .... WATCH OUT !