Monday, April 11, 2016

Nouriel Roubini Warns
A Brexit Could Melt Down
The Entire European Union
Sees the UK pullout of the European Union as setting in motion a cascade of pullouts by independent jurisdictions all across Europe.

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Anonymous said...

YEP .... let it burn. Turned into a right stupid arrangement under German leadership with its Euro. Q.E. and negative interest rates indeed !

No more free welfare from the EU, a society where political ethnic power depends solely upon the ability to procreate. Warm fuzzy feelings about distributing THE wealth come at a COST .... an ENORMOUS cost.

NOTE; you well about the truth of that, cloud cuckoo TRUEDO.

If it was just a case of "receiving" God, the father, would simply give it. Your troubles Europe come as a direct result of you failing to comply with the teachings of Jesus. Your society was built with those values.