Wednesday, April 20, 2016

London's Rich See The Writing On The Wall: 
Stop Buying, Start Renting
Article & links referencing what is happening to the London UK real estate market .. "While the smorgasbord of well-heeled wealthy elites will continue to proclaim that all is well in the world at any and every opportunity - for fear of the revolt of the masses - two disturbing headlines from one of the world's centers of money should have the 99% nervous .. Demand for London homes under construction slumped by 33%, according to Bloomberg, with 'very few higher-end expensive sold in the central areas this year.' .. The FT reports, the number of rental deals on homes worth more than $15m rose almost a third in the year to March 2016 from the previous year. After stamp duty increased on expensive homes and prices began falling in the capital’s wealthiest areas, potential buyers of homes worth more than £10m are increasingly opting to become tenants instead .. Translation: Rent, Don't Buy, something is coming... and the elites know it."
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