Thursday, April 21, 2016

Keynesian Central Bankers Were Wrong From  
The Beginning, But No One Could Stop Them
[Cliff Küle keeps saying that Keynes' system works for the benefit of those who have control of the money. How do you 'STOP' those who control the power to issue & distribute the money?]
Alhambra Investment Partners says the mainstream view on economics - Keynesian Economics - is a failure .. "QE was supposed to be a .. boost to liquidity, a push on banks (into lending) .. and a huge lift to .. expectations. None of it worked anywhere it was tried. The worst part is that anyone operating on common sense rather than ideology knew it wouldn’t work right from the start .. Throw in some continued monetary irregularity and there was no chance. Ben Bernanke claimed that savers would benefit from their disturbed position once QE had performed its magic largely upon expectations – the full recovery would push interest rates back up to their natural position whatever that might be. Savers and investors are still waiting .. They really don’t know what they are doing. They never have. And nobody stops them."
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