Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jeff Berwick On
Cybercurrencies & Central Banking
Dollar Vigilante's Jeff Berwick & Gordon T Long* discussion on fiat currencies, cybercurrencies, sound money & central banking interventions .. "I think by 2018 they’ll be bringing in a one world currency… All Fiat currencies, including the U.S. Dollar, are going to collapse sometime between 2015-2020." .. Central banks will get rid of fiat currency & use RSCoin instead, but since it’s a cryptocurrency it can be tracked even more. The population will likely use it, but it does not "beat Bitcoin at its own game" - RSCoin will give the government & central bank more control over the money system .. You want to get your assets out of the banking system, especially anti-system sorts of investments & trades & speculations, ad moving assets out of your own country .. "You want to get assets internationalized. That’s the new diversification in my opinion: not stocks, bonds, or cash, it’s where your assets are, in what countries are they, and under what structures are they." .. 36 minutes

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