Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hyperinflation Results From A
Loss Of Confidence In Government
"Governments have been pretending they can control the economy ever since Roosevelt adopted Marxism. The root of our problems lies directly in this idea that government can steer the economy as it desires. The rise of Trump and Sanders proves that something is wrong beneath the headlines. There is a growing awareness today that the financial markets are beyond the control of national policymakers. We are even beginning to hear people in the business saying that publicly. While a few economies do have the scale to shape interconnected global markets with trade barriers, etc., they face serious constraints in doing so, not to mention political and economic consequences. As a result, the global economy is stuck in a declining financial cycle with few options for escape .. It is NEVER the other way around where debasement takes place first and then inflation appears. This is simple propaganda that the promoters keep touting. The cause of such a monetary system collapse is not helicopter money at all, it is the collapse in public confidence. We see such a trend in the decline of public confidence that is rising with Trump and Sanders, as well as people starting to talk about the central banks losing control. The helicopter money is the RESULT of the collapse in public confidence, not the CAUSE of such events."
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Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but the rise of Trump is because people see that he is an outstanding individual who is aware of what is going on in the world (e.g. islamic ideology encroaching upon successful western civilization created and sponsored by christian values) and speaks his mind. A rarity indeed in political circles where politicians are constrained by inappropriate political correctness (for the circumstances on hand); are generally are owned by a special interest group or another; and generally have a vision to see no more than 12 months ahead if that !.