Saturday, April 16, 2016

GoldSwitzerland's Egon von Greyerz 
On Global Risks 
In this interview, shot in beautiful Catalonia in Spain, Egon talks to Sheila who is a private investor with concerns about the safety of the financial system .. von Greyerz outlines the sovereign debt problems with countries from Japan, China, Europe & the USA & emerging markets all being virtually bankrupt . Sheila asks about the safety of keeping assets in the bank; Egon explains that this risk is now higher than it has ever been in history.. Banks are in a much worse position then they were prior to the financial crisis when the financial system was on the verge of collapse. Since that time global debt has gone up exponentially .. Wealth preservation & insurance against these risks are topics that Sheila as an investor in very interested to understand .. 24 minutes

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Anonymous said...

This man has been bringing his axe for years .... and will probably continue to do so.