Friday, April 29, 2016

Bullion Management Group Inc.:
Gold & Gold Stocks
In A Portfolio
Report by Nick Barisheff of Bullion Management Group Inc. on the effects of holding physical gold or gold mining stocks in a portfolio .. "Mining shares are an investment that can make up a small portion of the overall tactical equity allocation of a sophisticated investor’s portfolio. However, the facts show that gold mining shares are not a prudent long-term strategic investment for most individuals. Physical gold has a long history that spans thousands of years, and it should make up a portion of every person’s assets. The world’s wealthiest people hold bullion to protect their wealth. As Doug Casey, author and institutional investor, says, 'The hurricane hit in 2008, we have been sitting in the eye of the storm since the last financial crisis and the full breadth of the storm is beginning to hit us once again.' Globally, the problems we face today are markedly worse than those of the Great Recession. In the coming years, portfolios without physical gold to offset losses in financial assets and currencies will suffer."

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Anonymous said...

josh brown says investors don't need gold...better off buying reits for inflation that with or without japanese central bank allocating money to sector???hmmm...what's real performance..what's not?
if the fed intervenes in all markets what happens when they reduce their credibility to zero?