Sunday, April 10, 2016

BofA Notices Something Troubling: 
China's Debt Bubble Has Burst
Article highlights the bursting of China's massive bubble in debt .. "The relaxed credit policies in China, in their desperate desire to reinflate housing prices and stimulate the economy, have created a significant issue for the central planners to contend with, one which seems to be a recurring theme... Needless to say, the government is now scrambling to both suppress the number of defaults, and companies are even taking drastic measures to not have to report that they’re insolvent, but it may be too late .. China's debt bubble has officially burst. It's all downhill from here .. It sounds like an enormous storm is brewing, and once again it’s a direct result of central planners convinced they know best not only how to run an economy, but that they will be able to fix everything once what is China's most historic debt bubble ever, burst."
LINK HERE to the article

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Anonymous said...

so we are to expect some horrific news when ? .... Hey how about I month. Lets revisit it then !