Friday, April 29, 2016

Bill Gross*: QE ‘Off The Deep End’
Gross* explains that intelligent investors know the system is broken .. a discussion on systemic risk .. 3 minutes
[Cliff Says: Watch the part explaining The Bank of Japan has become a major shareholder in Japan's major corporations & think about all the implications. Think about such a system when you use the words 'free market' or 'capitalism'. No one should use those words to describe this system & keep a straight face .. & the U.S. is going down the same road to have the privately controlled Federal Reserve buy stocks with money they created from nothing other than their power to create money from nothing. Who Benefits? (Cui Bono?) & Who Pays? While everyone else had to work & save to own shares of companies, some privileged class of people get to take your % ownership away from you simply because they have that ungodly power .. a power they were never supposed to have according to the U.S. Constitution (& a power that Jesus claimed the 'moneychangers' at the Temple should not use for profit at the expense of others)]

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