Sunday, April 10, 2016

After Trashing Switzerland & Panama,
The U.S. Emerges As The Top Tax Haven
"The United States of America is emerging as a top tax haven after beating Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, and Panama. You can have secrecy in the USA and states such as Delaware, Nevada, South Dakota, and Wyoming are now competing with each other to provide foreigners with the secrecy they need. However, many are now just migrating to the States. Some 3,000 millionaires from Greece; 10,000 millionaires from France; 6,000 millionaires from Italy; 2,000 millionaires from Spain, and about 2,000 millionaires from Russia have all migrated to the USA. The trend is picking up momentum as tensions between Muslims and Christians rise throughout Europe. After the revelation of the Panama Papers, in which Americans were named the least, the trend is now picking up speed."
- Martin Armstrong
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