Thursday, April 21, 2016

1 Of The Largest U.S. Pension Funds 
Is Set To Cut Retiree Benefits
Pension funds are in dire straits ..  "A dark storm is brewing in the world of private pensions, and all hell could break loose when it finally hits." .. the Washington Post reports that the Central States Pension Fund (which handles retirement benefits for current & former Teamster union truck drivers across several states) has filed an application to cut participant benefits .. Over a quarter of a million people depend on their pension being handled by the CSPF; for most it is their only source of fixed income .. "We can't help but wonder that as more pension funds become insolvent, and more and more participants are forced to take reductions in benefits, whether helicopter money won't soon become a reality for the United States, even before it becomes one in Japan. Especially if it is spun by some opportunistic politicans as the 'only hope' for America's workers to preserve some of their retirement savings."
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