Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Rubenstein on the
"best investment in the world"
Billionaire private equity professional David Rubenstein says oil prices will bounce back over time & will make carbon-related energy assets one the best additions to any investor's portfolio .. "In time oil prices will come back, in time demand will catch up with supply, and in time I do believe that carbon-related energy will turn out to be one of the best investments in the world .. The consumption of energy is something that we need to do to make the world go forward."
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Huffington's Solace: Rubenstein & Conway's $30 Million in Vermillion

The Carlyle Group lost several investments in Spring 2008 prior to the Fall financial crisis. Carlyle Capital Corporation's failure resulted in a high profile investor suing Carlyle and its marketing co-founder. Forbes reported:

Michael Huffington, the wealthy former Republican congressman from California, is suing the Carlyle Group and its co-founder, David Rubenstein, over misrepresentations and deceptions Huffington claims they made regarding his $20 million investment loss in Carlyle Capital Corp., Carlyle’s failed publicly traded mortgage fund.

Seven years after Carlyle Capital Corporation declared bankruptcy, Carlyle associated hedge funds have suffered massive losses and redemptions. WSJ reported: