Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"The greatest trick central bankers ever pulled
was convincing the world they work
for the public and not for the banks."
How often has Cliff Küle's Notes reminded you of 
this 5* quote from Santiago Capital's Brent Johnson?
David Stockman* Makes One Of Our Theme Points .. Explaining That America Has Been Fooled Into Believing The Federal Reserve Serves The People .. That Is Actually A 'Hoped For' Secondary Byproduct Of Helping The Major Banks. Stockman* Says The Federal Reserve's Main Business Is Inflating The Financial Sector & Subsidizing Carry Trade Speculators. Do You Believe Him? Read More Than Our Excerpt. Read The Essay At The Link Below & Consider It.
"The Fed’s bubble economics have channeled incremental business borrowing almost entirely into the secondary market of financial engineering. That is, borrowings which are applied to stock buybacks, M&A deals and LBOs result in a re-pricing of existing equity claims and more gambling stakes in the casino, but do not add to demand for new plant, equipment and other tangible assets. So the transmission channels through which monetary central planning could historically impact the labor utilization rate are now broken and done.
The Fed’s default business is inflating the financial bubble and subsidizing carry trade speculators. That’s all there is to monetary policy at the limits of peak debt."
- David Stockman*
LINK HERE to the article

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If that I'd true then why am I so cash poor