Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How Do You Unmanipulate
a Manipulated Economy?
5* Charles Hugh Smith uses some words that most people don't want to hear .. but they should listen & consider the truth in what he says. A small excerpt: "Breaking the stranglehold of vested interests is the essential step ... Regardless of what slippery words are deployed to mask the manipulation, it doesn't change the reality that the U.S. economy remains a manipulated mess that is dependent on monetary and statistical manipulation. If you doubt ... then ask yourself what will happen should the Federal Reserve's zero-interest rate policy (ZIRP) be rescinded, and interest rates return to historic norms .. Ask yourself what happens if the Federal government actually declared the increase in public debt as the true measure of fiscal deficits rather than the ginned-up deficit number--a number that is much less than the actual deficit reflected in the annual increase in public debt .. There is no way to painlessly unmanipulate an economy that has grown dependent on manipulation."
- Charles Hugh Smith*
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