Monday, September 22, 2014

The Tribute The World 
Pays To Today's Empire
Hugo Salinas Price* sees the entire world paying "tribute" to the U.S. "empire" which currently issues its currency as the world's reserve currency .. this status allows the U.S. to effectively borrow from the rest of the world to finance its debt, its deficits, its wars, its reckless spending etc .. "The bald truth is that $12 trillion dollars is the imperial tribute extracted from all the countries that do not issue a reserve currency, and delivered to the countries that issue the reserve currencies, in the course of the last 43 years. It cannot be anything other than imperial tribute, because those funds represent bonds that will never be paid. Exports exchanged for bonds that will never be paid are tribute which the exporting world has delivered to the United States and Europe .. When Caesar invaded Britain in 54 B.C. his legions had to cut to pieces several thousand Britons. After the Britons surrendered, he imposed upon Britain a yearly tribute or stipendia, to be delivered in the form of assorted valuable goods. This tribute the Britons paid for the next four hundred years. Tribute is what sustains and feeds an Empire .. However, never in history has there been any collection of imperial tribute on the scale of the present financial scheme, of paying for imports with bonds that will never be paid. The devilish thing about it is that hardly anyone understands it." .. if link is not working, his website may be temporarily unavailable - please try again later
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The Next Crisis – Part two – A manifesto for the supremacy of the 1%

At the moment, the largest custodial banks are those on Wall Street. Which means any dispute over what happens to that money gets settled in the Southern District Court of Manhattan. And that court has consistently interpreted international law in ways that have elevated the rights of private banks and bond holders over the rights of nations and entire peoples. Two recent decisions in the US Supreme Court, which upheld the Southern District rulings regarding the Vulture funds Elliott Associates, NML Capital and others, forced the Wall Street custodial banks holding Argentina’s money, not only to freeze all payments but also to reveal all confidential information regarding Argentina’s assets. It is no exaggeration to say that these rulings favoured the Vulture Capitalists so decisively that it has changed the balance of power between private bond holders and entire peoples, in favour of the former. Even the UN wrote that the rulings were so sweeping that they,

…set legal precedents which could have profound consequences for the international financial system…

and which,

… will erode sovereign immunity.

Such is the power that the present arrangements give to the global 1% and their banks, that no group of emerging nations must be allowed to create rival custodial banks under a different court. Such would not only rival the mighty custodians of Wall Street but would stop the trend of enforcing US corporate law as de facto global law. If ever sovereign nations did not fund themselves by issuing debt, and if ever the 1% did not control where that debt and the ‘money’ to pay it was stored, and if ever the true sovereignty of nations was re-asserted against Vulture capitalism, then a great deal of the 1%’s power would evaporate. So none of that can be allowed to happen.