Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Küle Interview
-Nick Barisheff-
"Drivers Pushing Gold Prices Higher Have Gotten Worse"
***** A Cliff Küle Exclusive *****
Cliff Küle's Lindsey Blumell interviews Nick Barisheff of the BMG Bullion - LINK HERE to his site .. Nick Barisheff offers his views on gold's recent fall in prices, emphasizes the drivers pushing gold prices higher to over $1900/oz have only gotten worse, implying gold prices should be even higher .. points out David Einhorn was at least one hedge fund manager who has sold paper gold & bought physical gold instead .. Barisheff also talks about factors driving gold, silver & platinum .. also on investing in gold versus gold mining companies .. also delves into socially responsible investing & what that means to the gold industry.
LINK HERE - interview - about 20 minutes
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