Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Küle Interview
-Chris Whalen-
***** A Cliff Küle Exclusive *****
Cliff Küle's Lindsey Blumell interviews Admired Adviser (AA) Chris Whalen .. EVP & Managing Director of Carrington Investment Services, LLC .. We say that Chris Whalen understands the banking sector better than any analyst. Today he talks about his book Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream and how it relates to current U.S. financial talks. He also weighs in on the Federal Reserve and gives a different take on what many are predicting as an imminent money collapse. Whalen also discusses repercussions of Basel III and the future of the already lagging housing market .. Read more from Christopher Whalen on his website www.rcwhalen.com or follow him Twitter @rcwhalen .. LINK HERE to his bio ...
LINK HERE - interview - about 17 minutes
We have had a lot of good things to say about Chris Whalen's analysis & his book in the past. We recommend that you do a search on one of the 2 search engines on our site (upper left hand corner is the easiest one to use .. write in Chris Whalen & press 'enter' or click on the magnifying glass .. the 2nd search engine is in the right hand column under the 'pondering ape'). Please take advantage of these features when there is a suject that interests you. Here are a few of our favorite Chris Whalen past posts:
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