Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Küle Presentation
-Richard Duncan-
One of our top Admired Economists (AE)
Explains His Very Non-Consensus Ideas
***** A Cliff Küle Exclusive *****
Cliff Küle interviews Richard Duncan (AE), consultant, public speaker & author of Dollar Crisis (2005). Those who read that book were forewarned before the 2008 collapse. His next book, The Corruption of Capitalism, gave a framework to understand the collapse. We are anxious to read his new book, The New Depression
Richard gives a powerful audio interview - he explains why our system is not Capitalism; it is Creditism. When the United States stopped backing dollars with gold in 1968 (not 1971), the nature of money changed - credit creation & consumption drove the economic dynamic, not savings & capital. Richard reveals some of his new book: the private sector can bear no additional debt & the government’s creditworthiness is deteriorating rapidly - should total credit begin to contract significantly, this New Depression will become a New Great Depression, with disastrous economic & geopolitical consequences .. is that outcome inevitable? .. listen to this interview to find out what must be done to prevent it .. Richard Duncan bridges a gap between Austrian & Keynesian Schools of Economics. We favor the Austrian School, but agree that wise & virtuous investments by government could be very helpful. Too bad that the political & banking power structure promotes so much cockamamy waste instead of productive investment. That subject could be the foundation for our next interview with Richard Duncan. link here to contact Richard about consulting or speaking engagements .. link here to see his website
LINK HERE - interview - about 25 minutes
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