Friday, April 27, 2012

Take 'DELUSIONOL' To Suppress
The Symptoms Of  
The Financial Crisis
Charles Hugh Smith writes a parody using the name Delusionol as a drug that the White House, the Federal Reserve & the U.S. Treasury are now on .. in this parody, "Delusionol works by activating the parts of the brain that replace cognition and reasoning with positive fantasies .. to believe the 'economic recovery' they've been hyping, and since it's rationally preposterous, they need a drug to suppress recognition that their policies have only made the financial disease worse and stimulate a delusional belief in the fantasy of 'recovery.' .. Delusionol is highly addictive. Once you experience the 'high' of believing that suppressing symptoms is the same as actually solving problems, it's almost impossible to return to reality, where actions & policies still have consequences, often unintended & often horrendously destructive--for example ZIRP (zero interest rate policy)." (click on image above to enlarge)

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