Monday, April 30, 2012

Is U.S. Federal Reserve Money Printing
Trying to Stop China's Growth?
Eclectica shows the above chart in their current monthly commentary .. chart courtesy of Josh Brown of The Reformed Broker provided to Barry Ritholtz (AE) .. click on it to enlarge it .. if you read the logical flow, it basically tries to think through the effects of massive Federal Reserve money printing on the world & especially China & emerging markets .. from the sequencing, it appears as though the U.S. is directly or indirectly stopping China in its growth .. full letter below, courtesy of Zero Hedge .. click on "April 2012 TEF Commentary" to download the letter (may have to provide your own email address), or hit "View Fullscreen" far below next to the 'S' icon to enlarge the viewing.
April 2012 TEF Commentary

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