Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Night Special - 68 Minutes of Marc Faber - Mises Institute conference presentation in NYC 22 May 2010...
Recession on Horizon, No Inflation... Barron's article synthesized by Pragmatic Capitalism on Ray Dalio of Bridgewater, founder of largest hedge fund in the world... "Our portfolio is mostly skewed to Treasury bonds, gold and emerging-market currencies, especially Asian currencies. We also hold commodity assets that are limited in supply and that high-growth emerging countries need. I want to minimize my exposure to the major developed countries’ currencies — the U.S. dollar, the euro, the British pound and the yen — because those countries have a lot of debt, and they are going to need to print more and more money and will have more sluggish growth rates. I prefer the yen to the others." (4*)
Gold Relative To Stocks
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Courtesy John Roque, WJB Capital Group
We Must Find Regulation Balance... Nouriel Roubini: "no over-regulation of the financial markets"... discusses the recession, double dip possibility, economy, Wall Street, Global Markets... 6 minutes

Puru Presents 3 Charts Worth More Than 1000 Words Each The "Ring of Fire"chart has been featured here on other occasions, but can't be emphasized enough. Another chart emphasizes that we shouldn't get too bearish when monetary policy is incredibly accommodating...courtesy of AgoraFinancial & The Daily Reckoning.. (3*)
Too Pig to Fail,
Courtesy of The Miami Herald
You'd be surprised at what we find on some of our most-admired advisers' websites."A doggy summer" came from Barry Ritholtz (esteemed author of "Bailout Nation")........ He figures this is worth a 4 minute study break,
Deflation-into-Hyperinflation Theory... fund manager Felix Zulauf discusses gold as the ultimate currency, the fact that the industrialized countries have too much debt, hitting the wall on debt... sees another financial crisis coming in which central banks will expand balance sheets by 50 times or more within a matter of weeks in an effort to battle the deflationary implosion, destroying currencies in the process... click on image above to activate audio, about 20 minutes, courtesy of King World News...
"To me gold is a psychological commodity. It’s not really an industrial commodity. There’s plenty of gold producible, especially at these prices. So it’s really a momentum trade on a global scale rather than anything that has intrinsic value. Part of the reason that you’ve seen the kind of increases in the price of gold is the fact that if you really step back from the world, almost universally and in tandem, the paper currencies of the world have been devalued."
- Wilbur Ross
Deflation the Theme... David Rosenberg discusses the markets & economy, sees debt crisis contagion spreading globally, potential for S&P to be down to 900 area later this yr, gold going to $3000 sometime over next few yrs, way out of the this mess to be central banks printing money... 6 minutes